Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battles of League of Legeeeeeends!!! Garen and Lux! Versus! Draven and Dariuuuuuusss!!! Begin!

Garen: DEMACIA!! My name is Garen and I'm so tough.
With me on your team, no tank is good nuff. I build
my Warmogs and absorb damage outright; My [[Demacian
Justice]] ending fights outright! And with Lux by my
side I won't have to fear, not being back up with a
laser near !

Lux: Hiya! He'll end the fights alright and I'll provide
CC just right! Oh Darius you think you're so bad, but
if you get snared, no true damage for you, how sad!
My friend Garen is very strong and like me, he'll say
"No Draven, you're doing it wrong" all day long!

Darius: Hey, little girl long time no see
want to see my noxian gullotine? Here I come
I'm watching you bleed from my passive and swing.
When I'm chasing you down it's going to be easy,
cause when I dodge your skill shots killing you?
It's lemon squeezy. Better watch out, you better
not cry cause while my bro's throwing axes, your
going to die. You will see the end very soon, be
from morning till noon.

Draven: I'm throwing axes that's right, going to
be doing it all day and night. While I'm kicking
your butt on League, I'm texting my girlfriend,
S\she's in DC. Kill Garen way too fast, I double
my axes, double the firepower, too the max.

Dr. Mundo: Who won? Whos next? You decide! Epic Rap Battles of League of Legeeeeeends!!!

This was very quickly done, since we were working too slow and got behind so sorry bout that.

The Lz: Garen and Lux
Mintleaves: Darius and Draven