Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battles of League of Legends!!! Morgana! Verus! Kaaaayyyyyllllleeeee!!!! Begin!

Morgana: Hey Kayle, long time, no see. Not since I owned you, while Soul Siphoning. Now my Dark Binding is redefining, A war in which, I was... tantalizing, you with my low HP. I bring down your team, with the click of my Q and E. Saving mine, and justifin', my swift actions is too much for you, and with the win in reach, admit defeat, cause I'll never join your cause you say wait, but I un-pause. This battle, was over before it begun sorry sis but I think I won.

Kayle: The way thats just and true, is a path not made for you. This Reckoning, is tiring, trying to save you from you evil being, I believe that an Intervention is comprehensive to win this. I ignite my sword with a flame, while the chick says that

Female Voice: You have been slain.

Kayle: This rap battle is almost through, from here on out I'll mop the floor with you. Just you and me, going down in history as the two angelic sisters that fought, so tiresly. Don't you see? It doesn't matter who won, after this I hope your done, with your selfish attitude, I love you but I don't mean to be rude. Throw another snare at me, and I promise sis I'll watch you bleed.

Morgana: You, an insolent threating me? Go back and spout trash, or recall and pout, that I kicked you so fast. That you'll buy some Magic Resist, I owned you so don't throw a fit. That your bad and I'll just say "hey bro umad?". Once I'm through with you, this battle will be through. Like I said before it should have never begun, once again I think I won.

Kayle: You play AP I can alternate, If I feed, I can then compensate, with my assists. I can go support, my whole team, 21 assists sir you think you won? You go mid I can go top or bottom, when it looks like a champ is getting away I say "i got em", I can carry, it's scary, be wary, I crush you like a cherry, dark fairy. This battle is strictly for me, I can either support or carry my whole team, don't you see? When I go 12/5/14, the chick'll be saying...

Female Voice: Victory!

Dr. Mundo: Who won? Whos next? You decide! Epic Rap Battles of League of Legends!!!

This Rap Battle was made completely by Mintleaves