Hey everyone as requested by Fox Rage I have created a GP vs MF battle, Enjoy. (Sadly The LZ could not reach me and honestly I wanted to post this a little before 10:00 so I kinda went over time for him, sorry)

Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battle of League of Legends!!! Gangplank! Versus! Miss Fortuuuuuuunnnnneee!!!!!!!!! Begin!

Gangplank: Yar Har fiddle me dee, being a pirate is all i can be. My gun in your face, dont start up a chase, i am a pirate! You come here to rap against me? I'm the best dang rapper to sail the seven seas. Scurvy! My friend, prepare for the end. This rap battle should have never began!

Miss fortune: Hahaha! You say you're the best, then why after this song you're gunna need a life vest? The seven seas? Ha what a laugh, i hunt pirates like you and then throw out the trash. Your right this song shouldve never began, my ulti spreads out and tears through your skin. You have a heal, are you for real? Nobdy buys Gankplank, only plays him on free week!

Gankplank: Sorry Miss, but now i'm ****, this rap battle's on, you shouldnt insult, Vincent the Shadow's son. My ult! Makes sure my allies dont get chased, aye my wench, I just threw that in yer face! Don't make The Pirate King angry, I'll shoot ya in the back young lady. My dad was a pirate, the most feared on the sea, he was most dearest to me. Now it's time to finish this song, IN THE NAME OF VINCENT THE SHADOW! This shouldnt take long.

Miss Fortune: Shock and Awe, lets show this man, the reason we came, to fulfill our plan. Its time to end Gangplank, the ultimate fake. You're dad died due to your hand, could be why you have no friends. How dare you insult me by trying to win, I'll whup your butt again and again!

Dr. Mundo: Who Won? Whos Next? You decide! Epic Rap Battle of League of Legends!

A new rap battle every day at 9:00-10:00 PM! Please post whos next in the comments below!

"You have to make a rap battle between GP and MF hahaha Pirate vs Pirate hunter."-Fox Rage