Hey eveveryone sorry this is a little late but this is a remake by Lz I just got the meesage this morning and, well here it is!

Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battles of League of Legends!!!! Gangplank! Versus! Miss Foruuuuuttuuuunnnneeeee!!!!!!!!! Begin!

Gangplank: Yar Har fiddle me dee, being a pirate is all I can be. My gun in your face, don't start up a chase, or I be throwing cannon balls in your face! You come here to rap against me? I'm the best dang rapper to sail the seven seas. Scurvy! My friend, prepare for the end. To the summoner platform you will be sent!

Miss fortune: Hahaha! You say you're the best, then why after this song you're gonna need a life vest? The seven seas? Oh will you please, you need your ult to even tower dive with ease! GP your thing so small, how does it feel being low ELO for the long-haul? I'm MF and a real playa, unlike you, a real noob slaya!

Gankplank: Arrr my grog soaked blade, try running away, no do stay! That 7% slow sends noobs astray! But that's okay, I'm high skillcap, getting double kills from across the map! *fap fap* The battle's on, if you were a captain, your ship would be the "Sinking Dawn" ! I just threw that in yer face! Don't make The Pirate King angry, I'll shoot ya in the back, meaning you might get a heart attack. My dad was a pirate, the most feared on the sea, He'd make your face more ugly than Poppys you see! OP. Time to finish this song, IN THE NAME OF VINCENT THE SHADOW! This shouldn't take long! Arrrr!

Miss Fortune: Shock and Awe, lets show this shooter with a limp, exactly why GP here isn't a good champ! It's time to end GP, because I'm going bot you see, I've got 4 noobs relying on me! Because I'm the C-A-R-R-Y. Everyone knows that you're just a fake, I can't wait for your champ-remake; Oh and by the way, I dodge your ult all day, that could be why you have no sway in top-ELO play! How dare you insult me by trying to win, I'll just use Bullet Time For.The.Win!

Dr. Mundo: Who Won? Whos Next? You Decide! Epic rap Battles Of League of Legends!!!!!

Thanks to The LZ For the Amazing Remake I am Pround to have this on my blog thank your very much.

A New Rap Battle Everyday just message me or comment below whos next!