In request of CKawaii.

Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battle of League of Legends!!! Kassadin! Versus! Mahlzahaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!! Begin!

Kassadin: Void Prince? Ha now that's a laugh, maybe you should just build your Dorans rings and me my Voidstaff. What's funny is, that I'm your counter; I jump around the map all day, "Why no ss?" your teammates say, yet you only got flash, okay? In The Void, there can only be one, and that's gonna be me with my Voidgun! We're both here, like Luke and Vader, except that this Vader is a Malzahar hater!! Now see here I'm kind of confused, you think you're the better mid? Oh but your ult is used! Go back to the platform or you die, because I'm a boss at tower-diving F.Y.I !

Malzahar: The Void Prince yes that's me and you will bow, to the ultimate nuke king; All the tanks say wow! You have a built in silence and that's very cool, but I silence multiple people, so shush now, you feel that fool? Begone from mid, I don't need you here, my teammates have warded; just telling you dear. If you feel like coming back to mid, my ult will be ready, I'll channel it to your head, Nice. and. Steady!

Kassadin: Silence! How dare you speak! I'll be riftwalking your hind all week! Your Q silence is a skillful beam, but I prefer to land every silence, for me and my team! This battle was over before it begun, because I have built-in Magic Resist son! Use your spells, use them all, you'll make my Void Stone happy most of all. If you feel tired and always recall, I guess it means "gg, surrender ya'll" Because midlane is mine, it's the shortest, the most divine; Just wait til late-game, then all your AP carries will be mine!

Malzahar: Listen up cause I'm only gunna say this once, you get banned in ranked you ignorant dunce! Oh I'll use my spells and use them all, I'll unleash the combo the tanks know as "champ recall" and that's because it burns through and under a tower, my ult annihilates you! Now I say again, get off mid, because I'm a mage who won't feed; on the contrary, I'll make you my steed! Sit back and watch you bleed, drink some of gragas' mead. Watch you go down into LOL history!

Dr. Mundo: Who won? Whos Next? You Decide! Epic Rap Battle of League of Legends!!!

Thank you to both CKawaii and The LZ