Hello All. (This was inspired by cyberskull, waiting on a flag made by jhoijhoi)

I have done stuff from Champion Concepts, to Epi****Battles, from making my own songs, to making parodies, and now I want to tell the tales of EmbracedShadow, my summoner.


Since ancient times on teh battlefields of NA, their have been heros of all sorts, from King Arthur to Abraham Lincoln, from Joan of Arc to Doctor Dolittle, from Godsmack, to H.I.M, Ocelote, to TSM Dyrus. Now it's time for a recognition, it's time for heroes of all to stand up, "It's time for a shutdown of the carry!"- Me, EmbracedShadow is a wanderer who came upon the League of Legends, from watching his brothers walk into the Feilds of Justice and coming back from it, they told of great stories of how Ryze landed the snare perfectly, and how Cho'Gath feasted on everything with a health bar. Embraced wanted to learn and discover, he wanted to find his perfect champion, on the summoner's rift and find his own path, walking for a long time now he finally reached the end or so he thought, having mastered many champions, and defeated many foes, having lost many battles, and won just as many, he found the new style of playing where the bets of the best go, and where he desired to go. After almost a year of being in, he finally came to the doorsteps of ranked. Many have beaten, few have lost, now it's time for a retaliation of the Summoner, it's his turn to win. "You gotta get hit, and keep moving forward, gotta take hits and keep moving forward!" - Rocky Balboa


Nunu & Willump
Master Yi

ELO: 956

IGN: EmbracedShadow

Server: NA

Team: ALG, All Lane Gamers

Level: 30

Mission Start: Unknown