ugh not such a good game this time.

I played Taric
4/9/6 I died far too often.
I honestly believe most of them were not my fault but they probably were.

The first one was against Lux. Myself and Rammus we're ready to engage a lonely lux trying to place a ward. I flash in, stun and start attack and rammus does his spin thing except... he just stays still and away from the fight. I try to back out, by the time I back out I'm dead.

Vayne kept complaining of lag the entire game. So I ended up roaming in order to try and make something happen (as Xpecial says to do). I did get a few things started up like in mid vs Master Yi veigar and I stunned him and killed him easy.

Anyways without further ado:
Please be harsh, I'm trying to learn to play better.