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morrkevi's Mobafire Blog

25 Nov
Well I had a few games with friends where I didn't really have time to write. Whoops!

So I played this game:
Ugh I raged!!! I was so pissed at my team a few times. Luckily there was a guy in there with a level head that helped calm me down. This time it was Graves. He caused us to win the game.

We ended up winning the game, but I consider it a bad game on my part because I raged

What do you do when you rage?
How do you get out of that sinkhole that causes you to lose a game and gg early in your head?
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22 Nov

So I had a bit of a bad streak. I got kind of annoyed and did something I shouldn't have.

One bit of advice NEVER lose a game then hit "play again" right away. It is just a horrible idea.

That being said, after three losses I played my lovely Sona and despite having a troll ADC Eze, we still won the game.
So far my ELO is sitting at 1097. So close to getting 1100. I think my goal right now to be reasonable should be 1200. After that maybe I'll make another goal.

It is odd, despite having a 6/6 win/loss ratio, I'm...
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20 Nov
When I first star...

Okay probably more like sometime after level 30, I kept hearing this "wards win games". I thought that I understood it but truly I thought of it more like "wards save lives" and if you're alive you're more likely to win.

I don't really think this anymore. I truly believe that wards do win games. Lately I have been testing out where to ward a lot. It isn't just a matter of ward the bushes ward dragon etc etc. In the late game I have started to carry 5 wards on me and drop them all in one place that we plan on attacking next.

In the...
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19 Nov
Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Zekes, Boots of Mobility, lots of wards.

So yeah, I played really well this game and I started to think more about how I'm placing wards. Once you get past the mid game I don't think you should buy any vision wards unless you are dealing with a stealth champion like Evelyn. The reason is if you are not dying too much you should have an Oracles. If you have an Oracles then you should be able to see any wards that are placed. There is no other reason to use a vision ward, including on Baron/Dragon....
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19 Nov
ugh not such a good game this time.

I played Taric
4/9/6 I died far too often.
I honestly believe most of them were not my fault but they probably were.

The first one was against Lux. Myself and Rammus we're ready to engage a lonely lux trying to place a ward. I flash in, stun and start attack and rammus does his spin thing except... he just stays still and away from the fight. I try to back out, by the time I back out I'm dead.

Vayne kept complaining of lag the entire game. So I ended up roaming in order to try and make something happen (as Xpecial says to do). I did get...
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