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17 Nov
Hey guys!

So I did another ranked game. This time I ended up playing Sona. Mostly because I saw the enemy choose Lulu and Ezrael and I knew my guy was picking Ashe.

Sona: 2/6/22
Philosopher's stone, Heart of Gold, Boots of Speed, Cloth Armor, Null-Magic Mantel, Aegis, Boots of Mobility, Zekes, Shurelya's, ((Randuin's Omen, was the next item)).

We managed to get some pretty good early kills. Then late game I stuck together with Amumu. I really must say that Amumu Sona ulti combo is ridiculous.

Based on your...
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16 Nov
egh! Not a good game.

I was playing Sona with a bad Eze. :( Also their team had an amazing Soraka.

Their MF was completely fed so I thought it was a good idea to get armor items.

What do you think?
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16 Nov

Views: 2433 non-rank game

This game was pretty good.
Taric: 1/3/22
philospher's stone, heart of gold, boots of mobility, thornmail, Force of Nature
I was laning with Corki and we did poorly in the early game. We quickly came back with an out of place graves and a good stun. Overall I ended up seeing Graves and Diana with 4 kills a piece so I knew I needed armor and MR. So I grabbed a negatron cloak and chain vest, which built into the FoN and Thornmail.

Thanks for watching =-D
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15 Nov
Hey guys, so I figured that maybe I would be able to climb the ELO ladder a little easier if I write about each game after I play. But first a bit about me.

In Season 2 I did not play very well winning 4 out of 14 games. Although I did do a lot of mixed things in that season.
In the 3rd season I have already started playing and I am on my 5th game and I'm playing a lot better than before, or maybe my teammates have been better. I'm not sure. But here are my first five games.

I am going to be focusing on...
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08 Oct
I just want to give a thumbs up to Riot for creating the Honour system. I used to sit around and think "Why is it that I can only report players, why not be able to honour players who play well". I really hope that those honour points turn into something (Maybe IP boost?). I think that would really give people a reason to play more honourably.


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