Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Zekes, Boots of Mobility, lots of wards.

So yeah, I played really well this game and I started to think more about how I'm placing wards. Once you get past the mid game I don't think you should buy any vision wards unless you are dealing with a stealth champion like Evelyn. The reason is if you are not dying too much you should have an Oracles. If you have an Oracles then you should be able to see any wards that are placed. There is no other reason to use a vision ward, including on Baron/Dragon.

Also I have started to plan out what we are going to take over the course of three minutes. So if I decide we are going to take top turret in 3 min, I will place wards in the top jungle/river. Then we are fully prepared to take it out. Run a distraction on bot and take out the top turret. You could see how to follow up with this (ward bot jungle, take out bot turret). It gives us a three minute window where we know everything that is going on in a specific area.

What do you guys think about using wards like this?