When I first star...

Okay probably more like sometime after level 30, I kept hearing this "wards win games". I thought that I understood it but truly I thought of it more like "wards save lives" and if you're alive you're more likely to win.

I don't really think this anymore. I truly believe that wards do win games. Lately I have been testing out where to ward a lot. It isn't just a matter of ward the bushes ward dragon etc etc. In the late game I have started to carry 5 wards on me and drop them all in one place that we plan on attacking next.

In the support role I believe that I have to really think ahead of my team. They might be attacking a tower then heading back to town. I can't head back to town, I still have work to do. Once we either back out or successfully kill the tower, I have to prepare my team for the next attack.

Anyways, to this end I think I am going to be writing a new guide on wards and see how people like it.


You can see my guide here!