Greetings and Salutations once again, If you are reading this and not seen Part one of my reviews then click the link here - Support Review Part one

Today I shall give my personal view and opinion on 6 more awesome support champions or champions that have been used in the past as Supports (whether they were actually meta or not) so let us begin with the first one

Galio is one of the most underrated supports I have seen in League of Legends and for the life of me I can not understand why he is so overlooked...He is a fantastic general in both bot lane and in the team fights.

Combining his shields, movement speed buffs and the taunt that you get from his ult a well played Galio can be a key difference to any team and should be tried out by any support players who enjoy being in command and leading the rest of the team merely by their actions.

I know alot of people will say he is better in Top or Mid lane and although I would agree he is good in both lanes he is equally as good still in the support role so if you need someone like him in your team and the two bases are loaded well then try him out as the support for some surprisingly good result :)

Another Team General although more passive than Galio is Janna, whilst Galio storms into the battle like a leader...Janna abilities help her to lead the team from the back in safety which is not always a bad thing.

Janna shield is one of the coolest in the game simply because you can use it on a turret to give it a few extra hits before the enemy takes it down or allow your team mates to get there in time to execute an ambush whilst the enemy is distracted.

Mixed with her passive that gets movement speed bonuses for easier escapes or getting positions quicker for the entire team she is already a force in the support role to be reckoned with...but it is her Ultimate that sets her above many others.

Her Ult not only pushes enemies away but also heals your team in a area which can bring the team back to full health if they are at 1/2 health...this ult is a game changer if used at the right time - The amount of times my team has been in a fight in the enemy base with low health and I used this at the right moment giving them the space and health to push the nexus and win the game is reason enough to consider Janna one of the top supports in LOL.

Another General many in a row that's kind of impressive :D

Unlike Galio who is a tank general and Janna who is a passive general, Karma is the type of General that leads by example...The Aggressive type who uses her shield on her allies and then gets in some heavy attacks to give her team a chance to really get stuck in one of the opponents.

Karma has a good solid skill set that gives her a decent shield, a strong snare and even a slow that can make it difficult for enemies to truly get away from a losing battle and if you know how to play Karma correctly then they will most likely always be in a losing fight.

Now I admit that Karma is probably a superior Mid Laner because she can deal tons of damage especially in team fights however this does not mean she is no longer viable for the support role because she is still without question a solid a support as she has always been and if you need someone like her in your team but the mid lane is gone then there's no real reason why the support could not play her (if they know how to).

First and for most, I believe Leona is one of the best supports of all time - she is in my top 3 for definite and is probably in a fight for first place against Morgana.

What I love about Leona is she is also a Team leader in the support role but she combined both the tank general of Galio with the aggressive style of Karma to make her in my opinions virtually unstoppable.

her entire arsenal is based around stunning and slowing her opponents which leaves no reason abilities to protect your team mates however this does not matter as these abilities will provide everything you need in order to engage team fights and most importantly if don't correctly walk out with the ace and barely any real damage to your team.

I highly, highly...HIGHLY recommend her as a support and if you never played support before she is possibly one of the best starters to go with

That tasted Purple...that squirrel looks familiar...Lulu is without doubt one of the most unique supports I have ever played with and I have never once been disappointed or bored when playing with her :3.

Lulu style of support is to make her ADC stronger with a strong shield and giving them bonus damage when engaging in fight then she got into the team fights and she can morph the biggest threats into a tiny animals whilst using Wild Growth on your tank to turn them into a unstoppable wrecking machine.

the only down side that I have with Lulu is she doesn't seem to work as well as she should on paper with alot of the other ADC and in fact so far I have only had real success in this sense when supporting Varus but I may not be playing her rightly lol

Anyways with her suddenly becoming one of the strongest Mid and Top Laners in the game its going to be a while before we see her back in the support role but rest assure when you do she may not be the best but my god is she alot of fun.

Last support in this review is one that I have recently started playing as and I actually quite enjoy - The Lady of Luminosity herself, Lux

In my honest opinion, Lux is actually quite similar to Morgana in terms of style...what I mean is that you play Lux almost the same way as you would Morgana with her snares, shield and AOE damage but also totally different.

Firstly her bind can actually snare a group of enemies together if hit correctly with in some ways is a lot better than Morgana version
Secondly her shield although weaker than Morgana can actually be cast on all your team mates at once if correctly used
Finally her AOE damage may be a burst of damage compared to Morganas that is over time however theres not really much difference in overall damage dealt however some may prefer Lux because hers is instant whilst with Morgana her max damage is based on whether the enemy stays in that area.

Now it can be debated whether she is as good as Morgana or not but she is alot of fun and if you can play Morgana but struggle to get her ult off to the fullest effect then I would recommend trying Lux out and seeing if changing from a binding ult to a massive burst of damage suits you better.

I would put her down as a hidden gem in support however once again I would say she is better in Mid lane personally

Well thats it for another edition of my support review - Hopefully you guys enjoyed it as much as my first and hopefully you will enjoy my third installment when I get around to doing it

Until next time...