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Hi, summoners I have used Mobafire for all my builds and guides but today 7/25/2011 i felt like helping other people with my builds and guides that I will post in the future. Please feel free to help me by commenting or having any suggestions on my builds or guides at all I could use your support! :P

*about me*
I have played LoL for over 2 years now and have gotten pretty good at it i almost have every character but i have tried them all at least once and i like having funny skins on main characters i play. I currently am level 30 and reached level 30 about 2 weeks ago my favorite person to play ranked with so far would be Gangplank cause he is so much fun and my favorite ranked match with him was when i went 20/12/30 on a ranked game! btw it was 4v5 and i was on the people with 4 people and we won cause of me and a ad sona. The cool thing is i use a build off of mobafire on gangplank and its called "Gangplank - Wait, Where Did Their Health Go? (Full o' Facts)." the best gangplank build so far!