I haven't ever mentioned this but I like to write poems cuz that's what real men do with their free time. I was just wondering what the populace of the internet thought about this one since I'm thinking of presenting it at a talent show. Also if you could think of a good name for it that'd be great. Anyway without further ado:

Some come at me for stu-stu-stutterin
Or cuz I sometimes forget the…

Words that I’m lookin for
Whole sentences on the tip of my tongue
Cuz talkin for me feels like I’m tryin to walk on
But look down and suddenly I’m moon walkin
But I’m not walking **** it I’m marchin
And I’m marchin to the sound of my own damn conscience

I’m always yellin so I never have to listen to anyone
And if you got a problem with me then you have to wait in line
You tell me to get bigger?
Like a tree you can…
Get cut down, up rooted, fed through a wood chipper
Tower over me with your six foot two
Well it’s hard to call you tall when I’m always lookin down on you

And I intend on making people hate me
It just means what I’m sayin’ actually means something
But if you disagree with anything I say or do
Just yell until you’re hoarse that way no one has to hear you

And you can hate all you want
And let me…Invade your thoughts
“You’re too rough, you’re too mean, you’re too absurd.”
Please, I just say what I think instead of what’ll get me heard
And you can deny
and you can shout
But all that means is you’re the one that I’m talkin ‘bout

Truly I just don’t give a ****, I’m a lion
Oh I suck? Wow that really hurt my pride (zing)
I know who I am, don’t think I don’t
Just cuz I’m not you doesn’t make me a joke
Cuz to me you’re the real knee slapper
And my friends and I are all laughin at you like an old one liner
Like haha have you heard the one about fitting in?
I’m tired of fittin in, I’m not fit for it, don’t throw a fit again, it’s a race with no finishin
Conforming is a wall and I’m about to put my fist through it

Well there it is. Find your opinions and give them to me.