I've been playing Nidalee almost exclusively lately, mid and top. I honestly cannot see why I didn't try her before. The things you can do are so funny at times and hitting those spears at max range never gets old. Never.

But what I wanted to talk about was the fact that it seems like she's one champ that people refuse to see as powerful. Even after seeing her multiple times in the championship (including the final game in which she beat a yorick in lane) she still isn't FOTM. She sees constant play in higher levels of play, I mean it seems like every featured game has a nid in it, but she is rare to see in lower levels of play. I can't understand why that could be though. Orianna took off and they have the same premise: damage+utility.

I just can't see why she isn't seeing more play in the lower levels that openly embrace all things that pros call good usually. I'm not complaining though. No one that I play against has the slightest clue what Nid is capable of, referenced by the fact that they five man ganked bot once while I was supporting a AD TF (Duo que, we were ****ing around) and we aced them 2 v 5 at level 10. She is vastly underestimated by the masses and I'm happy to take advantage of their ignorance while it lasts.