Ok time to update my ranked climb for the first time in almost a year. This was the first ranked game I played since forever ago. I probably wouldn't post this, but it has an interesting story to it that should outline a few good habits that people should get into.

It started (as always) in champ select. I banned the usuals, but Shen got through. A guy on my team told me he'd swap me for shen so I grabbed him, and the other guy grabbed Akali for me. It then occurred to the man that he did not own Shen. As you can imagine that was quite the ****up to make as it was my first promotion game.

I could have gotten mad (as is my style), but instead I tried to try out the DST. The DST is simple. Always compliment people, and try to stay positive. So I calmly said it was all fine, and we'd just switch our intended roles. At the beginning of the game it looked pretty grim, as the Akali fed Lissandra pretty hard. Still I kept a positive outlook. I told our jungler to camp my lane as I noted a boots and three start by Riven. We got about 4 kills on her early game before voli decided to counter gank.

in the counter gank my Nocturne died, but I made it back to tower at a quarter HP. That's when they made the horrible decision to try to dive shen. Double kill. I then went bot to help them, because they were having a hard time (at this point I was 3-0, noc was 3-1, and everyone else was 0-3). I won us a teamfight with a great (If I do say so myself) taunt hitting 4 of them. We (I) slowly started to take towers after that. First I took top, then I took mid, then I took bot. This was sadly not fast enough as the other team took every one of our towers except our base towers at that point.

After another two teamfights in which I managed to get to the ADC and shut her down thus letting us win the fight I decided to do a desperation baron. Taric warded every nook and cranny of that river and their jungle. We got the baron then went mid to push. We wiped them and continued on to win while they were dead.

This all happened after a 1-9 start by our team. What does this show? Well thank you for asking. It shows that by being positive (not the gay positive, but not raging, and congratulating good plays) and good communication can make a bad position winnable. We were down towers and kills until the very last teamfight, but we won, because Nocturne and I kept up our team's spirits and played well. Sure there are unwinnable games, but the point is to do your best to make any game you can winnable.

I didn't get my main role, hell I got a champ I haven't played since last year, but I still carried. Was it cuz of skill? Hell naw. My shen probably sucks ***, but I gained control of the team, and with that I guided us to victory with the help of my jungler. Complain about ELO hell all you want, but if you do just remember this game, because this is the epitemy of ELO hell. Three feeders, two people in the wrong roles with the wrong champs, and a jungler who DC'd for ten minutes (forgot to mention that) and yet we still came back. "I can't carry these noobs." Then you belong in bronze.

(P.S having a good playlist going helps too...)