After messing with PL, DerpTrolling has been on a rampage ddosing everything he could. Derp recently followed someone named "Anonymous"(TheDrunk3nPanda) and Anonymous as been tweeting
"Greetings citizens of the world, our goal is to make "Riot Games" care more about EUW and EUNE Servers."
"Hello to everyone, be online in 8 hours from now. We will give 540.000 League of Legends accounts to our fans. "
"The event will be started on 00:00 or rather 12:00(It's same)."
Should we be scared?
[4:50PM EST] He's given 1 Plat account away already. He said he'll start the event in 1 hour and 20 minutes.
[4:56PM EST] Tweets "I almost forgot to tell you one more thing, all accounts are on EUW(Europe West)"
[5:14PM EST] Seems he's giving away a challenger now.
[5:30PM EST] Gave another account away for 1k follower milestone.
[5:32PM EST] Says "30 minutes until event."(Taking 540,000 EUW accounts and giving them away)
[6:00PM EST] Says "Are you ready?"
[6:03PM EST] Posts stream link
[6:20PM EST] Says "Sorry, we were unable to connect to chat. Reconnecting in 20 seconds. What is going on, i can't type on the Twitch chat..."
[6:32PM EST] Looks like the stream is down. Mods were trying to get followers but nothing was said by Anon.
[6:34PM EST] TWITCH CLOSED THE CHANNEL. Good job friends :)
[6:45PM EST] Says "We will give the accounts on Twitter in 5 minutes."
[7:15PM EST] Back folks! Looks like he's sending them out now.
[7:24PM EST] Uh oh, he said "I have an idea, we will start hack the "Riot Employees" now."
[7:30PM EST] He said "Message me which account do you want to be hacked, doesent matter if it's someone like Dyrus or someone else." Something needs to be done with this guy.
A mod in WildTurtle's Stream said
I do not think that is Dyrus' login info. His login username is like tsirdiesalot or something
[8:02PM EST] He Tweets "Can you guess, who is that "someone"? …"
Looks like he's been taken over by someone else, released his info to the public
Aaaaand he got it back..
[9:02PM EST] "Okay guys, i'm back" he tweets
[9:35PM EST] "I will continue the event tomorrow, i have some important things to do now."

Honestly this guy has no clue what he's doing
Context: when trying to give away accounts twitch chat spammed "****ers" or *****es ^_^

I did some more work and found this gem

That is completely unrelated to The ddos incidents but it looks like this is the same person who ddos'd Phantomlord's stream.

If this guy is representing anonymous i have just lost my faith in them,
540k accounts to give away is impossible.
If your going to pull off something like this, do it right.