So after taking a closer look at the new Trinity Force it's clear the item is very good right now. I particularly love it on Skarner with his built in slow and sticking power. However, the question I wanted to answer was: Is it better than Iceborn Gauntlet on Nasus? To answer this I first looked at the full build compared to my normal IBG build in terms of raw power. Here is what I found out...

[*] TF build has significantly less effective health.
[*] TF build leads to pro-longed chases without Frozen Mallet.
[*] TF build has less peeling power or utility
[*] TF build has a much less powerful mid-game due to items depending on each other.

Let me explain that last point. A typical Nasus player will want to purchase IBG and Spirit Visage early. These two items are so vastly efficient on Nasus that it's very possible for him to walk into team fights mid-game and carry via low maxed cooldowns, high damage, high peeling power, and fairly high resistances.

With that in mind lets say we instead want to purchase Trinity Force. In doing so, we have to purchase armor early against an AD lane or MR against an AP lane. If we go the armor route our best options for Nasus would be Randuins Omen or Frozen Heart. Gold well spent, but the problem is it leaves gaps in things we truly need where IBG fills them all. The better item of the two is Randuins but buying it can leave us with no CDR. Frozen Heart gives CDR but is much less tanky and has no slow for kiting. Neither of the items have damage to boot.

If it were an AP lane we would be in a somewhat better situation since we can start out with Spirit Visage, but then what? We could possibly rush Trinity Force after that but be left with no utility such as a slow or max CDR. In order to get any slow at all we'd need another 3.3k for Frozen Mallet. In other words, we again end up needing multiple different items to fill the shoes of IBG.

tl;dr The build path is significantly worse for Trinity Force, and the full build isn't worth the price of that loss. I say keep buying IBG. What do you guys think?