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27 Mar
Hi everyone,

I've been doing some preliminary looking at the newer item Zz'Rot Portal and I must say it looks exceedingly good on Nasus as a split pushing strategy. The damage gain on Voidspawn will reach upwards of 400-500 and when combined with Nasus high tower damage becomes ridiculous. Also, the speed increases help his map positioning and chasing. I'll be doing some testing on this soon but I did want to see what others experience with this item has been.

Do you like it? Why or why not?

In what situations has it worked or won the game for you?

Here is a map someone...
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20 Nov

Views: 203 Pre-Season 5

In preparation for Season 5, Unkillable Nasus has been archived for updates. I'm looking forward to all the new changes(there's a bunch of them) and I thank you all for your patience. See you on the rift.

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07 May

Views: 566 Archive

Well, I had to archive my guide. It appears imageshack got around to changing my account to a pay only version. Since I refuse to pay money for this service can anyone recommend another good image hosting site?

Thanks, NateKiller
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19 Mar
Well, we finally have good news for Nasus. After months of being dumped on by Riot's balance team it appears he is getting multiple indirect buffs on the PBE 4.5.

- Teleport cooldown to towers reduced (4.4)
- Frozen Heart price reduced
- IBG price reduced
- Glacial Shroud price reduced
- Distortion & Alacrity Enchantments

In addition to other champion nerfs such as Elise, the above buffs are very significant as these are heavily used by Nasus players. With continued buffs to enchantments we may be able to get Teleport below a 100 second cooldown when taking masteries as well!...
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05 Mar
This is my humble view on where Nasus stands in this meta.

Unfortunately, I admit Nasus' current power is about as weak as he's been since season 2. He's still viable through most elos, but you'll find he's somewhat harder to win consistently with due to nerfs taken. His top-lane match-ups are considerably harder due to the sustain loss, and because of this many newer players will find more success with him in the jungle. Personally I play the majority of the time top since I duo ranked a good bit with friends that like to jungle. However, I do think the chances of success for Nasus are...
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