Eo Ut Mortus (5:27): you can't have fun
u suck
wood league scrub
l OTG l (5:27): :[
Eo Ut Mortus (5:27): WOOD
l OTG l (5:28): y u do dis
my feelz
Eo Ut Mortus (5:28): #wood league #otg
l OTG l (5:29): D:
Eo Ut Mortus (5:29): #ducky tie slams
l OTG l (5:29): I am teh sads
Eo Ut Mortus (5:29): maybe one day
u can be as good as me
but i doubt it
l OTG l (5:30): If only I could be pro
Eo Ut Mortus (5:30): yeah like me
l OTG l (5:30): prove it
Eo Ut Mortus (5:30): i'm
get on my level
l OTG l (5:31): says silver 4
Eo Ut Mortus (5:31): no
my main
l OTG l (5:32): pfft
Eo Ut Mortus (5:32): it's
l OTG l (5:32): I doubt it
Eo Ut Mortus (5:32): i'm on challenger team
with anna
l OTG l (5:33): orly
Eo Ut Mortus (5:33): yarly
it used to be challenger
but it's diamond now
l OTG l (5:34): go get on that account and add me
Eo Ut Mortus (5:35): to do that i would have to wade through the like 1000 other people adding me
so no thnx
l OTG l (5:35): I need proof
Eo Ut Mortus (5:35): do you have anna dded
l OTG l (5:35): nope
Eo Ut Mortus (5:36): well
if u can
convince her
to add u
she will confirm
unless she troll u
l OTG l (5:36): Somehow I think she'll "troll" me :p
Eo Ut Mortus (5:37): could be
l OTG l (5:37): brb cooking time
Eo Ut Mortus (5:38): ok
(5:42): ok i got my teammate to add u
l OTG l (5:44): that still isnt enough proof
you have to physically log into that account and message me or something
Eo Ut Mortus (5:44): i told you i'm not going to spend like 30 min going through friend invites]
just to add u
l OTG l (5:45): then i dont believe ;p
Eo Ut Mortus (5:45): Chik
they tell you
my team is the osu system sucks
you can search it
it's d1
l OTG l (5:45): i saw
Eo Ut Mortus (5:46): so
l OTG l (5:46): thats 3s anywayyy
Eo Ut Mortus (5:46): ok look at my other stats
l OTG l (5:47): i saw, still have no proof its you :p
Eo Ut Mortus (5:47): im challenger in solo q
u just scurred
l OTG l (5:47): or im trolling
Eo Ut Mortus (5:47): my teammate confirms
l OTG l (5:47): either one
Eo Ut Mortus (5:47): so
l OTG l (5:49): :[
Eo Ut Mortus (5:50): why didnt u
add my teammate
l OTG l (5:51): Im eating
Eo Ut Mortus (5:51): type a few letters in dummy
4 letters
l OTG l (5:51): and it isnt that important to know if you're challenger or not :p
Eo Ut Mortus (5:51): it is
my ego will accept no less
then instant gratification
so u better
do it
(i have 2 go home too)
l OTG l (5:53): done
I guess
Eo Ut Mortus (5:54): there u go
u gets the confirmation
l OTG l (5:54): I am a lowly peasant! forgive me!
Eo Ut Mortus (5:54): np
bask in my glory
l OTG l (5:55): XD