Hey guys I was hoping to get to this point a few weeks ago but then life happened, and I got busy. but I just wanted to say thank you to every one here on the site. I have had a blast being here, and plan on staying and hope to give something back a guide maybe hmm maybe just maybe, don't expect to see it anytime soon I may just end up trying to beat Master for the title of worst guide haha.

Since coming here my gameplay has improved greatly, and I have got invited into two closed betas thanks to Embracing and DeadlyDave for the Smite and Dawngate Keys. A big Thankyou guys for being awesome!!! I was also able to give a few keys away as well one to Dota2 to every ones favorite Banana Meiyjhe and a copy of Pennies arcade 3 to MrCuddowls

I have also had a blast in the inhouses and thank you to everyone who has been part playing in them and hosting you guys are awesome for putting up with my noob skill level to many people to list but I had an awesome time learning with you all and look forward to inhouses in the future

I would also being saying thank you to every one who made my sigs but I am sigless made it to a 1000 with no sigs lol so I think it's about time I ask for some sigs lol so PM some sig ideas I will just about anything lol