Well I did it, I hit just hit 3000 posts on MobaFire, and in just a few more months I will have another milestone 4 years on MobaFire, just where did the time go?

However I have not been 100% active over the past 3 and half-ish years, taking at least 2-3 multiple month long breaks due to not playing league or working out what I want to do with my life, etc, etc.

With the most recent break from MobaFire having to do mostly with landing a new job, on top of my youth pastor job, but I started working with honey bees for a living with a company that couple of close friends started a few years back and it's starting to grow fast! My main job with them right now is just selling the stuff, stores, personal sales, and several different farmers markets and trade shows around the state. And just after a few weeks of working with them I was told I'm already one of their top salesmen, and once the summer starts up I will be doing a lot of work in the actual bee yard and I'm really, and I mean really beyond excited about that.

I don't want to say to much more but soon I will have enough saved up to start looking for my own place so Yeah life goals achieved/being achieved.

As far as League goes, I'm in and out and I really don't have the time that I use to have for League other then binge playing 10 games once week on one of my days off.

This has been a fantastic place for me the past few years and Thank you all for putting up with and my boring posts, my busted mic over a few inhouses, and my lack of contributing any guides :P

A few other goals I have this year is to get back in shape so I can actually pull of some kicks and backflips so that I can take my free-style Nunchaku skills to the next level, it has always been a personal hobby of mine so at least I'm not lying about being a Ninja :P

I made a thread posting a few videos a few months back but if it was missed here is one of them again
This was me a few years back in college before joining MobaFire I was just messing around with fire. I use to breath fire as well but I have zero video of it, I never got any good at it just small fire balls.

Another goal I have is to start using Poi, I bought some professional fire Poi and some practice poi and I have been picking it up super quick.

And now that I hit 3000 posts I thought now would be a good time to change my avatar let me know what you guys think about it.