So it's about time I get out the good old arcade stick and began my training for EVO the only problem is I suck at street fighter, blocking, combos, linking, chaining, supers, etc. I don't think I will ever make my goal of getting to EVO but I'm going to try and make a go for it, I still will be playing a lot of league but it's been way to long since I've played some street fighter, I will be tracking my progress online and posting about it on my other blog, if you want the link just PM me, "I'm still new to bloging so it's not that great lol" anyway back to business, I am mostly maining Juri, Dudley, Dan, and Gen. I use to play this game a lot at college their was only one other person who was good at it and he walked me throu the basics, we mostly played third strike, and would watch old videos of EVO for hours! and that's when I wanted to get to level of play of street fighter. Is any one on mobafire a Street Fighter, and if so what character and which version is your favorite?