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Hello, My name is Søren and im 18 years old from Denmark.
Im mainly playing jungle, and i focus Maokai, whenever i get forced to play something else than jungle in solo Q i try to get support, as either Leona, or Maokai. both works really well with my type of gameplay.

... Why did i start playing League?

Well, its actually a quite fun story.. My best friend asked me to start playing, then i downloaded the game and got *** ****ED by bots.. i played like three games with him, and hated it.. then i uinstalled the game, and never thought of it again.

a few months later i moved city, together with another friend who played alot of League. and he wanted to play with me, so i started and still got owned pretty bad by those beginner bots.

Then i thought, wow.. Seriously? First game i actually cant even play.. then i picked up my balls from the ground, kept on playing, figured different techniques out read guides, took them serious, and.. now, well.. sorta addicted to it. haha.