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OmegaDelta000's Mobafire Blog

30 Dec
So, you played a ranked game. You totally destroyed that Jax, so much that he won't be able to recover before you end the game. You are hard pushing toplane. Game ends. You don't get an S. Why did this happen? Well, you did get 7 kills, but enemy jg killed you 3 times and you didn't help your team at all. You didn't help with Herald or Nashor, and you totally didn't assist them. You didn't ward at all, you didn't place Pink Wards. So yeah, that's why you got an A-. To get an S, you must help your team with turrets, epic monsters, kills, and lastly, have good vision points. Regardless of...
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27 Nov
Sorry about the inactivity, I just don't have any ideas for guides nor tierlists. I'll keep playing until I come up with something, but in the meantime I'll leave you with this blog, as proof that I still exist.
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16 Nov
Hey what's up, it's me again.
By now, you have probably noticed that most of my guides are troll/off-meta stuff, but I do make a serious one every now and then.
Truth is, I want to be known around here but I don't have a lot of champions I know how to play enough to make a guide of them. So far I've only made Kayn guides, thinking of making a Morde guide once I play him enough with new items, but I have a general idea already.

Now that I've got your attention, I'd like to ask for some tips to fill the Guide Chapter section. Whenever I make a guide, I see the Guide Chapter thing and I...
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07 Nov
Hello, you can call me Delta. Whatever build you want me to make just hmu.

About myself: Do you really care? I don't even know if I can talk about this here

Don't be fooled by my elo (but do take precautions), if you want tips for specific champions or match ups I'm your guy. I may be a bit too much of a pesimist to know if you can win a game or not, but I can try to analyze games and stuff, I'd just need to either get tilted before or achieve after-nut clarity, those things make one think like they're the smartest person on earth.

Weird introduction yeah, but I'm going to do my...
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