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Panteleia (Unverified)
Ashe, Sejuani, Vladimir
Support, Ranged DPS, Caster DPS


Residence: Sofia, Bulgaria
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Hello, my name is Panteleia,
I am from Eastern Europe and I adore
League of Legends.


1. I never downvote a guide!I just post an angry comment, explaining why I didn't like it.
2. I always check if my commenters have guides of their own and I review them and vote if they deserve it.
3. I have a guide for Sejuani, which is my pride Check it out here!
4. If you wish to cooperate with me, contact me, I can make the coding and pictures for your guide.


1. I play most of the time when I don't have other things to do.
2. I hate supporting, even though I do it a lot.
3. I never did a pentakill in normal even, only cuadras.
4. I'm a great thinker, but I don't press the buttons very fastly.


1. The sport I train is rollerscating, 2 to 3 hours a day.
2. My hobbies are drawing, graphic design, writing both publicistical and personal stuff. I try to be good at sports too, but I fail.
3. I have long, brown hair, green eyes and a body, thinner than I would like it to be.
4. I love the beaches and the mountains, my two favorite places.
5. I adore animals, I have two dogs and two cats.
6. The languages I speak are: English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian.Contact me in those.