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Hello im PGsuperD I am a great league player if anyone ever checks my profile ive been rusty lately because ive been busy with other things besides league and im in elo hell....but im here to make guides im alil new to this so if there is anything i do wrong please tell me.I will be updating alot of my guides i dont get enough time to make these guides plus i make them while in class. My main champs are Talon,Xin Zhao,Ezreal,Gragas,and Kha'zix.My main roles are ADC and Jungle....My perfered adc champs are ezreal varus and in the middle of making an adc guide that has 5 champs in it Ez,Graves,Varus,Draven,and twitch (but that will be along time before i get it out.I usualy jungle Xin or Kha.If you eve want to see some things i have some stuff on league replay like when my teammate/friend was playing as nasus and took almost all of teemos hp out in asingle hit (with his q). You can also find me on twiter i will start updating it telling everyone who follows me when a certain guide i have is coming out.