Rumsfeld's Illusion

Recipe: The Brutalizer+ Haunting Guise+253g=3050g
+40 AD
+30 AP
+325 HP
Unique Passive: +15 Hybrid Penetration
Unique Passive: +10% CDR
Unique Passive - Deceit: your single targeted spells have 30% SpellVamp.

Probably very hard to balance, but this belongs to a niche. this niche includes champions like Akali, Ezreal or Skarner. Numbers are purposely small due to the ammount and quality of passives i shoved in it. Just wanted to make on out of these 2.

Ironscale Cape

Recipe: Catalyst the Protector+ Warden's Mail+550g=2750g
+325 HP
+325 Mana
+55 Armor
Unique Passive: Critical strike damage is reduced by 50%.

your anti adc trollage item of choice.