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Pheyniex's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Items

25 Jan

Views: 1170 Items

Regarding the infamous Trinity Force, it surely is an iconic item in the League of Legends game. Known often as "jack of all trades, master of none" item, it represents a triumvirate of auto-attacking dynamics, one of the reasons it is usually a preferential items. However it had its ups and downs and when it had its ups some champions met nerfs. Otherwise they may simply remain unpicked. A most recent example was Corki's nerfs due to his domination in late Summer split and Worlds, where he was a very contested pick. This domination was due to his ability to siege and...
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15 Jan

Views: 814 Items

Zaunite Aether Mask

Recipe: Haunting Guise+ Hextech Revolver+515g=3200g
Unique Passive: +15% SpellVamp
Unique Passive: +20 Magic Penetration
Unique Active: For 10 seconds, the next 5 spells have an aditional 25% SpellVamp.

Grand General's Blade

Recipe: Hexdrinker+ Negatron Cloak+ Vampiric Scepter+430=3200g
Unique Passive: +10% LifeSteal
Unique Passive: If you would take damage that would leave you at less than 70% HP, you gain a shield that prevents up to 200 Magic damage for 5 seconds. (120 second CD)
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18 Dec

Views: 741 Items

Hi all. It has been a while. Here goes an item suggestion, because I missed having these ideas...

Cape of Feastherscales

Giant's Belt+ Null-Magic Mantle+ Chain Vest+730g=2850g

+520 HP
+50 Armor
+35 Mres
Unique Passive: +5% Movement Speed
Unique Passive: Next ability used against you has an additional 15 second cooldown. This can happen once every 90 seconds.
Unique Active: Next time an allied champion would take damage, half the damage is dealt to you instead. (120 second CD)

Reason: An all-around defensive item. This is a combination of stats hard to...
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29 Sep

Views: 730 Items

Rumsfeld's Illusion

Recipe: The Brutalizer+ Haunting Guise+253g=3050g
+40 AD
+30 AP
+325 HP
Unique Passive: +15 Hybrid Penetration
Unique Passive: +10% CDR
Unique Passive - Deceit: your single targeted spells have 30% SpellVamp.

Probably very hard to balance, but this belongs to a niche. this niche includes champions like Akali, Ezreal or Skarner. Numbers are purposely small due to the ammount and quality of passives i shoved in it. Just wanted to make on out of these 2.

Ironscale Cape

Recipe: Catalyst the Protector+[[Warden's...
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18 Aug

Views: 689 Items

Riot surprised me with a chance in build path for Banshee's Veil, and you guys know how much i don't like an item witout options so i'll bring two suggestions today. (Also, Ohmwrecker was so funny while it had catalyst on it's formula, but Ryze was op). However, I'm betting Riot plans on some kind of makeshift removal of catalyst.

Sword of Eras
Catalyst the Protector + Pickaxe + 825g = 2900g
+350 HP
+350 Mana
Passive: This item gains 20 HP, 20 mana and 2 AD every minute, up to 10 times.
Unique Passive – Valor's Reward: On leveling up, restores 200...
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