Hi all. It has been a while. Here goes an item suggestion, because I missed having these ideas...

Cape of Feastherscales

Giant's Belt+ Null-Magic Mantle+ Chain Vest+730g=2850g

+520 HP
+50 Armor
+35 Mres
Unique Passive: +5% Movement Speed
Unique Passive: Next ability used against you has an additional 15 second cooldown. This can happen once every 90 seconds.
Unique Active: Next time an allied champion would take damage, half the damage is dealt to you instead. (120 second CD)

Reason: An all-around defensive item. This is a combination of stats hard to come by. I also thought it could be interesting to add a movement speed bonus with resistances, however not trying to overdo it. The other abilities is just me searching for new mechanics for the game. Note that the second passive shouldn't interfere with the active, i.e., using the active on an ally that is targeted wouldn't activate the passive.