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Pheyniex's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Items

11 Jul

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So, we are in midseason, roughly, and Riot decided to make ARAM an official gamemode a while now. Most recently, we witnessed the release of an item (interesting and much needed, imo), Orb of Winter. It responds to a need for play against extreme classic pokers, such as Nidalee, Lux, Ziggs and Janna. However it takes Jayce to a higher place, since this basterd deals physical damage.

Nevermind what I said above, it is a simple introduction. What I bring you today is my opinion on Riot's gameplay on it's players, meaning I shall bring you exhibit A:...
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30 Jun

Views: 582 Items

Rough Edge of Icathia

Recipe: Hexdrinker+ Chalice of Harmony+925g=3155g

+35 AD
+55 Mres
+7 mana reagen /5sec
Unique Passive: Mana Font - Whenever you are dealt damage you regenerate 5 mana.
Unique Passive: Lifeline - Whenever your HP becomes less than 30% of total, you gain a shield that prevents up to 300 magic damage for 5 seconds. At the end of the duration, you are healed for an amount equal to the remaining shield.
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09 Jun

Views: 591 Items

I feel it is a bit of a shame that Haunting Guise has only one possible upgrade, so I'm making another suggestion for one. I will also try to make a constant flux of blog posts from now on.

Huramak's Disguise
Recipe: Stats:
  • +275 HP
  • +70 AP
  • Unique Passive: +15% Magic Penetration
  • Unique Active: Summon a clone of your champion on a location within 2000 units. It grants you vision and can be contolled as a pet. If it takes damage it is destroyed or lasts 15...
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