I have published an assortment of guides during the time I've been on MOBAFire some more useful that others, but the only one that I had left unarchived until today was my Shaco guide. I am archiving my Shaco guide for a variety of reasons:
  • Enjoyment: Honestly, about six or so months after publishing my Shaco guide, I lost interest in playing him as much. There were times when I would force myself to play Shaco just to ensure that I was still comfortable with him and could be confident when writing my guide. However, with my time to play LoL being cut down as I progress through school I'd prefer to enjoy my spare time playing a champion that I do enjoy regardless of the outcome.
  • Pressure: I started playing ranked primarily to establish my credibility as a guide writer. If you've seen my comments else where on the topic of "ranked" games, I find it to be a very toxic atmosphere in comparison to normal games. Additionally, Shaco viewed as a high-risk, high-reward champion in ranked makes many teammates upset before the game even starts. I have been quite successful in ranked, but dealing with countless amounts of flaming and comments like, "you better not feed" do not help.
  • School: As I'm progressing through school, courses are becoming more difficult and I'm losing a lot of the free time that I used to have to play LoL. With the minimal amount of free time that I actually do have, I have prioritized playing the game rather than writing about it. When I originally published the guide, with a more manageable course load I had the time to play the game, and when I felt like it I could just write about a champion. I don't have that kind of time anymore to just sit down for 3-4 hours a day to play and write/update guides, and with Shaco I haven't felt the urge to update my guide.
  • Teacher: If you didn't notice, long before the publish of youngMINI's Shaco guide I had included in my streamers chapter because he taught me most of what I knew about Shaco. Once he released his guide, I don't see why a guide reader would listen to me, someone who learned a lot from youngMINI, rather than youngMINI himself.
  • Voting System: As much as I like the concept of the new voting system, I guess my guide was in a bad spot. My guide was sitting at 3rd or 4th place before the new voting system rose, and received <8 votes per month at this spot, and I guess the majority of those were down votes for undisclosed reasons. Anyways, once the voting system was implemented my guide was knocked immediately back to the second page behind many S1, S2, and new guides. I then updated the cheat sheet to my guide and that brought it back to the bottom of the front page, but then knocked back down to the bottom of the second page. To top it all off, one of the more frustrating things for me was that even after about a month of the starts of pre-season 4 only one other Shaco guide with a rating had been updated. I feel like this voting system is great in doing what MOBAFire wanted it to do in terms of allowing new guides to rise to the top a bit easier. However, now the countless number of votes that some of these older guides had prior to 30 days ago are down the drain and practically meaningless. I apologize for ranting so much about this, but I presume that some of the negatives to the new voting system will be helped by the addition of the features suggested like voting history and an indicator on guide pages if you've voted on that guide previously will probably help older guides out a bit.
If you liked my Shaco guide, then I recommend that you use youngMINI's guide because like I said earlier, he has taught me most of what I know about Shaco.

In terms of future plans, I hope that over Christmas break I will be able to squeeze in the time to write a condensed guide about a champion that I enjoy playing regularly, and teaching others about him/her(perhaps Lee Sin).

Welp! Sorry for the long blog post here is a TL;DR.

TL;DR: I'm archiving my Shaco guide for various reasons. I may look to publish a new guide sometime around Christmas, but everything is up in the air.