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Pluckin Penguin's Mobafire Blog

18 Dec
I've done many reviews of guides in the past, and the most common suggestion that I have for guide-writers is to establish your credibility as a guide-writer. If you are writing a guide about a champion, then you need to prove to your readers that you know what you're talking about.

For people who are higher up in the league system, establishing your credibility is pretty easy. Its just as easy as verifying your ranking for the most part. Sure the additional statistics that you can pull out to establish your credibility further is great, but proving to people that you're part of the top...
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03 Dec
I have published an assortment of guides during the time I've been on MOBAFire some more useful that others, but the only one that I had left unarchived until today was my Shaco guide. I am archiving my Shaco guide for a variety of reasons:
  • Enjoyment: Honestly, about six or so months after publishing my Shaco guide, I lost interest in playing him as much. There were times when I would force myself to play Shaco just to ensure that I was still comfortable with him and could be confident when writing my guide. However, with my time to play LoL being cut...
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16 Oct
Hey I have been working on a Katarina guide ever since she was reworked, and I just want opinions on the two item builds I have listed for my guide.

I have one Low level build which is meant for unexperience Katarina players and players under level 30.

I have one High level build which is meant for ranked Katarina play and summoners who are level 30. This build is meant for effective trading in the laning phase, and just overall damage.

Here is my unpublished guide link:

If you have any comments...
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17 May
I want to thank the community of for all the support they have given to the 2 guides I made just a bit more then a month ago. They gained a lot of support immediately after publishing, and now they are both in the top 5 for their respective champion. If you would like to check out these guides the links are listed below. If you do choose to vote and make a comment on it please only use constructive criticism, and vote based on all aspects of the guide. Thank You, and here are the links:
Shaco Jungle Guide:...
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