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Hello, my name is Mr.Unicorn and I have no social life. I can make signatures and although they are rather troublesome at times, I do enjoy making them - I have various softwares to help me...textures, etc. Especially you, photoshop <3

My favourite league of legends champion is Anivia because she is a badass and sweet at the same time, and I respect that. Although I hardly play her (I find myself unworthy or my soloqueue team mates only instalock AP mages / AD carries) I do have a hextech skin that I adore...although I like bird of prey anivia slightly more.

My currently most played role is Tanky DPS because that's all my team allows me to - they all pick squishies and I get sad. I mostly jungle with them, especially Shyvanna and the occasional Warwick (that I'm not good at). When I do get to play AP mage I play Ahri because of her mobility and CC - I adore her ultimate, makes dodging other mage's skill shots a breeze and after that you can easily overwhelm them.

So that's all, chaps.