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Master Yi, Blitzcrank, Jhin
Assassin, Support, Marksman


So it goes something like... Hi, I am a Master Yi enthusiast since the second half of season 6. So technically I am by default a jungle main. then comes support then bottom (adc usually). I make an effort to have at least a few main champions in each lane, so that damn autofill will have nothing on me.

I enjoy playing off-meta builds and also terrorising both my team and the enemy with my off-role champion picks. I have played several support role champions waaay before it was a thing, such as the Morgana or Lux or Brand jungle. And especially Brand jungle. I think I have played Master Yi with basically all available runes and keystones as well.

In short, I play what I want, how I want as long as it ends up being fun for me (not in ranked of course, but only until confirming that it actually works and that it wasn't a fluke).

a little bragging right: 2.5+ mil points on yi ... shhh

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