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Basically the reason why I made this Mobafire was to post my Builds online for my friends to look at champions they Do not know how to build yet, I do not care for Scores or anything like that on this Website :), You don't Like my builds or how I build people thats fine No one asked you! I know for fact that my Builds Are OP and fun to use for Dominion and SR Just try them once and if you dont Like them then don't use it! :3

My name is Secret Kurohayahsi, My 17 Gay and I'm a furry, League of Legends is one of my favorite games I play. I'm also looking for a Ranked team, if anyone is Looking for one or looking to join let me know, I SUCK at Ranked and would Love to get better at this, Doesn't matter to me if you played ranked before or not, I don't really care for thos 1500+ **** Just looking for anyone who is looking for a ranked team. Also there is one thing I have to say, I find it umature to call people Noobs and Calling me a *** or anyone else in the game a noob or *** Like really? Anyone like that for real, Grow the F*ck up Its just a game. I mostly Play as AP MID Support and AD Carry Soo play messaging me if you want to try! :3 Thank you and this is all for my Bio, if you have any other quetsions about me or would like to play a few games with me then go aahead and message me!

Prince Secret~