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Probably Singed (Unverified)
Singed, Akali, Riven
Caster DPS, Tank, Melee DPS


Ace of Poisons
Mar 12th, 2013


I'm a lazy bum who enjoys writing, and is currently majoring in electrical and biomedical engineering.

Follow my page on facebook or DeviantArt to keep on top of the story. You can also find my page on Anook to get updates and tips for Singed, and access to a guide I'll be making.

While I may not be a top tier player, I understand mechanics and strategy very well. The main difference between a top player and most people in gold/silver is the ability to apply the things they've learned. The easiest example would be people who know they should always be warding, but constantly blame the support or jungle if there aren't wards somewhere there should be.

Small things like that can make or break a game. Knowing how to win a game and actually doing what you need to do to win are two very different things, and something I hope to cover in the guide extremely well. If you think this is something that can help you, follow the pages mentioned above.

Thanks for reading.

This is your one and only prophet and guide to the League, and I bid you adieu.

Probably Singed