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07 Dec

Views: 778 Avast is stupid

Avast said that lol.launcher.exe has a virus. then it deleted it and then said that it could not remove the virus because the file could not be found. also now i have to install LoL again. ****ty antivirus,unistalling it and downloading a better one
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01 Dec
Just tough i make a list of upcoming guides for anybody that likes my Mordekaiser guide.

- Singed(made,will pubish when season 3 comes out because it uses new items)
- Shaco Jungle/AD/AP(Close to being completed)
- Warwick Jungle(Only done the items,masteries,runes and skill sequence,will do everything else after i finish Shaco guide)
-Troll Karthus(Humor guide,response to a comment that a Karthus guide in humor section is impossible to complete in a normal game,will be posted when season 3 comes out)
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29 Nov

Views: 421 Fixed my EUNE launcher

Thanks to help from a random eune user on the forums i fixed my launcher so i can play again. No more PBE,no more lag,no more ****ty new shop that annoys me so hard.

If you ever get matched with me on EUNE and tested any of my guides you can say thank you and maybe a chat a bit through the game. I am a pretty good with a lot of champions,mostly melee AD champions and i hate falling off late game so i mostly fave champions like Shaco and Wukong who can still be at least a small threat to the enemy team or that can backdor or draw enemy attention away and then escape without...
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