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ProNinja19's Mobafire Blog

11 Jan
ProNinja19 (Garrett) is a LoL player. He has been playing since the end of season 3. He is Silver 3. He currently is maining adc. He plays Jinx, Corki, Tris, and Lucian. Right now at the moment he is looking for a competitive ranked team to join. He would like to get a spot as a adc or jg. If you are interested please contact ProNinja19 or on LoL. He would love to be apart of the team.
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10 Jan
So if you are looking at this you are probably bronze. And that is okay many people are bronze. At one point I was bronze too. But I Followed these guide lines to get out of elo hell. The main reason why I was in bronze is because of targeting objectives. When I was in bronze I did not know how to get objectives. Here is the list of objectives in season 5
7. Buffs
6. Champions
5. Turrate
4. Dragon...
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