How's it going Mobafire community? This is just a quick blog to update anyone who may be interested about my future plans involving League of Legends, guide crafting, and things along those lines. I know I haven't been around long, but I have made several guides and I have given a lot of direction for people in the Twitch chats of VaporaDark, SoloRenektonOnly, and Foxdrop while watching their gameplay. Most of this adviced has been well received and/or agreed upon by the respective streamer. Without further delay, let's get into it.

Upcoming Guides

At this time I have a few guides already planned out and I plan to release 1-2 guides a month for the remainder of this year. This section is to explain what those guides are going to be, though I do not know exactly in what order they will be created or published. So here are my plans for upcoming guides: The second purpose of this section is to inform you of the format for upcoming guides. In the future, all guides will be created/updated to have a similar format as my Akali guide, though as I learn more about coding for mobafire, this format will begin to have more sections and become that much more aesthetic and easy to follow. This was my first stab at making a one chapter, coded guide.

Updating Old Guides

Between uploads of new guides, I will also be updating old guides to fit the new format.First priority for updates is Wukong Jungle, followed by Rakan Support and Lee Sin Jungle as those are the 3 which are closest to the new format. All of my other guides will be subsequently updated to the new format as time progresses, because they will require the most work and therein take the longest to complete. And as always, I will be updating each guide as soon as a new patch comes out.

Youtube And Streaming

Recently I've thought a lot, and even been asked, about youtube and streaming. I have a YouTube channel that is pretty much inactive and I used to stream on Twitch for all of 2 followers. I may start streaming again in the near future, but what is going to happen for sure is that I am definitely going to be rebooting my YouTube channel. Once I start making new videos I will post my channel link in each guide, and I will be making video guides as well as the text guides here. I'll also have content on other games as well, so if you'd be interested in that keep a look out for my future guides.

Anyway that's all for now. Just a small update. GLHF guys. See you soon.

-Pure Panphobia