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Quite Nomible's Mobafire Blog

31 Oct

Views: 612 Not enough blogs

EDIT: wut. blogs are somewhat glitchy I guess? it somehow cut out most of the content... it's not just the music thingy, lol.
EDIT2: ok something something and coding spaghetti happened, but all content is now visible.

Decided to contribute.

Not that this blog isn't going to be meaningful in any way whatsoever. But hey. It's a blog. Blogs can be going about a lot of different things. Whether it is about League of Legends, life, food, drinks... or very ****py music?

Spoken about ****py music, this is great music. I had a very evil idea to make this just auto-play to...
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09 Jan
Hello everyone, Quite Nomible here. I decided to do a blog about the changes of the new summoner spells that are coming up in PBE, as they are going to be reworked for the next season, and to give some ideas about how they will be effecting the new season. I usually read all information I want to know about the PBE patch on this site, so if you want to check future updates out by yourself then this is really helpful for you. Other than that, this is the first time I do a review blog, so feedback would be more...
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03 Dec

Views: 731 Archive/no archive?

So I have a Ziggs guide which is currently having a score of 100% so far, but the problem is that I barely play LoL at the moment and I'm not planning to play Ziggs as well either. With the new S4 changes I don't know if my build is optimal or not, so I'm only falling more and more behind with my guide as time passes by. The last time I played Ziggs properly was like almost more than a month ago, so I might have missed a bunch with him. The thing is that I only get positive comments, even in the time that I barely got to play Ziggs, which makes me think that the guide is still okay to use....
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