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alright well. this is it. i picked up my username off a book i read. my summoner name is Devotion37. no real reason or picking it. as of the game, you will notice that i dont have high counts playing normal or ranked games. there is a very simple reason for this. i really dont like doing solo and my 4 friends i play with dont get on at the same time very often. so instead of playing normal games, i did custom and AI games(i dont count AI because it doesnt go in your normal win record). the only real advantage i have is that i have played every champion in league of legends and have a build i use for each. some arent very thoughtful or unique, but they are there. this gives me a distinct in game advantage as well because i know exactly what to expect from my opponents. if you need a hand learning someone, or want champ advice, i can probably help you. just send me a message. :-)