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I am really thats all I have to say.

I love trolololing and having a good time. I do try to make serious contributions though. I am fairly good as LoL. I've played DotA and HoN. However, I dropped them to devote to LoL. In any case, I love manga, anime, mixing music (Techno mostly), drawing, my wittle doggies, and my wife (in that order)...(but reversed).

I play all things. My play style is deceptive. I am passively aggressive while continuously positioning. I suck at last hitting, but first blood is mine. No exceptions....Ever....EVER. I told you about my first blood...Bro...I TOLD YOU.

I get really pissy if im losing.

I never lose. Never. I TOLD you about my NEVER LOSING. Bro, I told YOU.
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