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Well first off, I love playing league of legends. But i also play other games, like MW3 and Black Ops. Also, more into LoL, I'm level 30- In Rank 800's. Yes i'm in elo hell... I would like to find a team of ppl who is in elo hell and would join them. I really need help to go up!

^ Keeping that for old memories.
ANYWAYS... I've played League since the late season 1 and early season two. I started out noob... and lost every game I played. Got into 800 elo back in the day. Now improved and learned how to play the game properly with better mechanics.

^ Old memory 2

So now I've passed 800 elo, and Gold. I've excelled through the ladder and finally reached Diamond. For a few seasons I've hovered over the Plat~Diamond elo.