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Relicstormer (Unverified)
Irelia, Shen, Alistar
Support, Tank, Jungler


Hello there and welcome to my biography page!
So far, I have been playing League of Legends for almost a year now. I started back around in August 2011 - September 2011. I've enjoyed the game ever since I tried it and I'm still enjoying the game!
Since the beginning, I slowly began to play more roles other than the AD Carry (Master Yi) and now I am able to play almost all the roles. My preferred roles are found under my profile along with the following preferred champions, that I enjoy and play. My main favorite would be Irelia however. So, Better Nerf Irelia! (Sorry if you did take this joke seriously, it had to be done.)
I am thinking of sharing some of my builds created for certain champions over mobafire soon. This depends when I am able to do it and will require more testing before I am able to feel confident enough to post the build guides.

For the following image which I have used to display as my profile picture. I do not take any credit whatsoever for the profile picture as I have not drawn or created the profile picture.
Full credit goes to the original artist of the image who is: beanbean1988.
His deviantart can be found on the following link:

Thank you for reading all the way and I hope to see you all soon!

-My first champions list-
My first 450 IP Champion: Master Yi
My first 1350 IP Champion: Fiddlesticks
My first 3150 IP Champion: Shen
My first 4800 IP Champion: N/A
My first 6300 IP Champion: Irelia (This was before she got reduced in price permanently, but she was my first tier 5 champion)