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Lux, Pyke, Miss Fortune
Mage, Assassin, Marksman


Hello and Welcome to my profile! I play league of legends since season 8 and i main Mid lane but i can play any other lane except jungle i just suck at it <_>. I am prety new to MobaFire and for now i only have a Lux guide which i still have a lot to work on! I like to comment on other peoples guides and suggest them things that i recommend to add to their guides. overall i just want to help people and if you want to talk with me about anything you can always message me.
Those are the champions i play on every lane:

Top: I don't play much top lane but i do have a lot of options.

Mid: only 2 champions but i realy enjoy playing them.

jungle: I hate playing jungle... and every jungler i tried to play i did very bad on... evelynn is the only jungle that i can do fine on.

ADC: I always play Miss Fortune in ADC but i may swap to Ashe or Jinx sometimes depends on the enemy ADC.

Support: I realy like to play pyke and Lux in support but sometimes they get banned or taken so i have to play Janna when it happens.

Outside of League Of Legends I also play Counter Strike Global Offensive. But most of the time if I don't play League I watch Anime, my favorites are: Re:zero, Clannad and No Game No Life.