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Pyke, Lux, Morgana
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Hello and Welcome to my profile! I play league of legends since season 8 and i main Mid lane. I am prety new to MobaFire and for now i only have a Lux guide which i still have a lot to work on! I like to comment on other peoples guides and suggest them what i recommend to add to their guides. overall i just want to help people and if you want to talk with me about anything you can always message me.
Those are the champions i play on every lane:

Top: I don't play much top lane but i do have some options.

Mid: I can only play akali and qiyana on a decent level so if i can't play them for some reason we can call it.... "gg"

jungle: I only play full AP junglers

ADC: my secondary role is Adc where i play only kaisa or miss fortune if kaisa isn't available.

Support: my main role is support i play pyke almost in every scenario but depends on my team's and enemy's comp i pick lux,janna,morgana,rakan or soraka.

Outside of League Of Legends I also watch Anime daily.
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