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Summoner Info

DYdragonfly (Unverified)
Graves, Jax, Shaco
Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Support



Revive is a webseries hosted by DYdragonfly and Nemahs, aimed towards helping out new and old players alike. We want to focus on how to play both champions and the games, as well as some of the meta around LoL. While not in-depth on champions, we cover every new champion in a basic sense.

Who are we?

Nemahs is the current top solo for the team. He plays a lot of Lee Sin, Olaf, Udyr, and Kennen. His worst lane is mid (I fail so hard there). He is currently a collage student learning software programming. He hopes to one day be a software programmer for Blizzard Games.

DYdragonfly is the AD carry. He used to jungle, but got really tired of jungling for bad teams, and switched. He plays a lot of Graves and Ashe, although his favorite champ will always be Jax. He is also a collage student, but wants to be a nurse.

How often do you come out with content?

Well, we are trying to come out with a video every Friday, and it's going pretty well so far! However, somethings could come up, so if we can't, we'll tell you on Facebook and Twitter.

Our shows:

Champion Review

In this series, we discuss our first impressions of the new champions, as well as some basic strategy. We cover their abilities and their usage, and some combos and other strategy.

Patch Review

In this series, we go over major changes to the patch, and give our thoughts on each change. Seeing as covering every change would take a lot of time, many small fixes such as bug fixes and small numbers tweaks.

Beyond the Basic

This series is for newer players, in hopes of teaching them some things about the game that aren't covered in the tutorial. We have some very basic topics in mind for the beginning, and we will slowly increase the difficulty up to things such as zoning and theorycrafting.


If you read to here, grats! We are putting as much effort as we can spare into our videos, but alkas, we are contrained by time and money, because we're jobless collage students :( We also are trying to start playing premade ranked with our team, so that takes time too. Nemahs is also really new to video editing, so any tips are greatly appreciated, be it about video editing or how we presented content. We would really appreciate anything you could give us. Thanks for reading!

Youtube channel:
Our referral link:
(Our link is here just because. If we get 5000 referrals, we unlock the whole game, which would help a lot in making content)

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