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I'm gonna be doing a lot of editing to this until this message right here goes away. Bare with me, guys!

The Rina Basics:

I'm 19, one of the rare species known as the "Female Gamer". It's really not the life you'd think it'd be, other than the adorable girlish whimpers as I die in-game that make anyone feel bad.
Just kidding.
I've never been the typical girly type. I would set aside parties and girls nights out to sit at home and nerd out on games. Antisocial is, and was, me. Chilling with people and bonding over a few rounds or matches, whatever the game called for, had me bonding with people faster than I could outside the interwebs. A good number of my close friends I've met online, and I've found I get along better with them as well.

As of now, I'm going to a fancy online arts college, getting my major in art, of course, with a focus on photography. I do nature shots, mainly, but want to delve into studio work as well at a later date. Other interests of mine span from astronomy, philosophy, psychology, ancient history, horror films, and Gothic/Victorian/Lolita fashion design.

League Life:

I started playing League on September 10th, '14. I can't say it's been easy to throw myself into a new style of gaming, but I've gotten hooked despite my suckage at the game. I do my best as ranged (marksman and mage) champions where I won't be getting myself into any immediate danger, or supports (All the buff spams, harhar) which work on much of the same philosophy. Basically - don't be stupid and dive. Yep, works for me. Other than my gameplay, I met some really amazing friends on League, as well as my current boyfriend who I met when we were both first starting. It's been a great experience for this shy butterfly.

Other Games and Things:

I started gaming when I was about 6, picking up a copy of Pokemon and getting lost for hours. Since then, I've categorized myself as a leisure gamer, nothing too hardcore. League is about the most actiony thing I even play.

Besides the obvious, I still play Pokemon as my second pick, as well as some RPG things like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, ect. For PC, I play indie horror titles, and I'm trying to work my way into playing Smite and other MOBAs.

End Notes:

If you've read all that and made it this far, I'm stunned you're so interested in me. Don't hesitate to message for anything. Questions, random chit chat, yada yada. I promise, I'm not even scary.