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Whelp, I started out playing League of Legends back in Season 1 messed around mostly playing tryndamere and nidalee. Over the years I created multiple accounts and leveled them to 30 for the kicks. I quit league near the end of S2 around November 2012 to get Hero Of the Alliance in World Of Warcraft and then after the season was done I came back to league and leveled my current main account to lv30 over the summer of 2013. I have been trying to learn as much about league as possible.

I started out my ranked career when I hit level 30, I placed into Silver 2 playing only Sona support going 7 - 3. I am currently Gold 4. I main support and mid lane, maining Nidalee, Oriana, Riven, Sona, and Janna.

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