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Lucian, LeBlanc
Mid, ADC


Hi, i´m Rogther.
I play mainly Top or Jungle and I also like a lot to play mid.
I´m a pretty new player since I started just 6 months ago.
I´m Silver right now, but i plan to do better(actually got placed on B4 now, but im climbing).

My most played champions are:

Top: Wukong, Sion and Riven.
Jungle: Wukong, Zac and Sion.
Mid: Katarina, Orianna and Ahri.
ADC: Graves, Ashe and... Graves?
Supp: Blitzcrank, Morgana and Annie.

I´m from Argentina so I´m not telling you to add me since I´m in LAS, but just in case:

IGN: Rogther

My friends usually say I play really good for my experience level so I think I´m at least a decent player.

So that´s it, Bye!

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